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KHAITE: The 21st Century Women´s Fashion


 The 21st-century woman knows what she wants, is focused on a goal, and knows what she is looking for and how far she can go to achieve that goal nested in her mind.  Khaite is like that, it knows what it wants and who is directed.

  In 2016, the beautiful fashion designer Catherine Holstein founded this brand intending to merge the comfort of the masculine with the design of femininity, thus obtaining a super comfortable, striking, and avant-garde feminine piece.

 But... How to pronounce Khaite?

 Most people say it is correctly pronounced as Kate or Cate. The name comes from its founder nickname Cate extracted from the original name (Catherine Holstein), which was also inspired by the Greek word Khaite (χαίτη).

What does Khaite mean in Greek?

Khaite means long, flowing hair.

 This brand is known for its luxurious and high-quality clothing and accessories, and amazing high-profile in style, with modern elegance, and versatile pieces, that cover basic necessities for today's woman.

The standout feature of Khaite's designs is the rich and high-quality material used in products such as cashmere, silk, and wool.  Because no woman can leave comfort and elegance behind, Khaite carefully choose its material to create the most comfortable, durable, and soft that last in time reflecting clearly what this brand stands for.

In the same way, we can find many models of dresses to wear on any special occasion.

 We can see celebrities like American actress Katie Holmes, Vogue fashion news writer Brooke Bobb and Khaite Executive Vice President Theresa Ross wearing Khaite in their daily life and on special occasions. The following images show the beautiful Katie Holmes in NYC wearing the Khaite Scarlet cashmere cardigan and the Eda bra in Barley. Brooke Bobb on this occasion wears a beautiful and dazzling Khaite dress made of tulle which she wore on her wedding day and, of course, the vice president of the Khaite brand, Theresa Ross (left) wearing Khaite´s black jacket and pants, and Vanessa Traina (right), always at the forefront wearing Abigail stretch jeans, blazer, and other comfortable Khaite garments.

What does Khaite offer?

 To say that Khaite offers only one type of clothing is wrong. The truth is that this brand offers us a good number of garments to wear quite comfortably without losing elegance. Here are some ideas and names of their casual and not-so-casual clothing items for those special occasions:

  • Sweater: Argyle, Jo, Lima, Marion, Noelle, V-Neck, Vallerie, and much more.
  • Top: Katerina, Kim, Lolo, Lowry, Percy, Sweetheart, Maddy, Ista, etc.
  • Jacket: Lyle, Suede, Denim, Cordelia, Leather, Puffer, and more.
  • Pants: Hewey, Emile, Leon, Preen, Terron, Dresden, etc.
  • Skirts: Magdalena, Keene, Hemmly, Olga, Luana, Vera, and many more.
  • Cashmere Heavyweight: Filip Coat, Pearl Cardigan, Helen, Micaela, Fiona, Scarlet, etc.
  • Denim: Neer, Charlene, Nia skirt, Danielle jeans, Ian, Daria, Birdy top, Rizzo jacket, Kyle jeans, and much more.
  • Shoes: Black Adidas, Brighton slide, Ash sandal, Stagg flat, Pippen loafer, Lucca clog, Stagg heel, Gloria heel, Sidney and Seville D´Orsay pump, Linden Sandal, Dallas, Morgan and Arizona ankle boot, Derby and Culver boot, Wooster ridding boot, Davis boot, Admiral and Davis Knee High boot, etc.
  • Also handbags, accessories, dresses, knitwear, outerwear, gifts, and more.

The most common users search words for Khaite are:

 Blue cardigan, Hilary shorts, envelope bag,  my Theresa, joanna dress, tube top, envelope tote, ista top dupe, ribbed top, Jeanne bag, Indira bra, Ella jeans, Vivian jeans black, Fiona cardigan, Gabbie jeans, Layla jeans, punto top, viv skirts and much much more!

NOTE: Many of our users ask us about a Khaite coupon code, Khaite discount code, or Khaite promo code.

Khaite does offer generous discounts and codes and because of the highly misleading information, we like to inform our users that the most secure place to buy Khaite products si there official website which is mentioned at the end of the post.

On their website, Khaite corporate office is mentioned in their privacy-policy statement at 76 Greene St. New York US 10012  

Visit Khaite's official website to check all products and shop online

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