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Squid Game

Squid Game

 The Squid Game (which in Korean would be Ojingeo Geim) is a very well-known South Korean Netflix series created by Hwang Dong-Hyuk. and released in 2021 in which the main emphasis is suspense and drama to try to survive.

 It is a one-win game in which 456 contestants with different lifestyles and extremely indebted, participate in a series of mysterious and sick children's games that result in losing would be fatally, only with the goal of winning 45.6 billion won (Korea) trying to survive the deep economic struggles and poverty they are living in. In addition to this, for each person who dies, 100 million won is added to the pot, inciting conflict between all players.

 Dong-hyuk devised it based on his own economic struggles early in his life in conjunction with economic inequality in South Korea. It has become the most-watched series on Netflix, surpassing many others. 2 months later the second season was also announced.

Squid Games Guards. Apparel

 In every game, there must be some staff that manages and enforces its rules. In the squid game the guards (also called "guardias" or "gard" ;-) ), known as Pink or Masked Soldiers, are the ones who enforce the rules on behalf of the Figurehead.

 All guards wear the same basic outfit consisting of a pink hooded jumpsuit, a pair of black gloves, black boots, and a mask to conceal their identity and preserve anonymity.

 Each of the masks has one of three symbols in front (triangle, square, or circle) that indicate its classification.

Guards Ranking

 There are 3 types of rankings guards in this game. Every different shape represents a ranked category of workers.

The managers.

 The managers are the highest rank of personnel on the island and are the right hand of the Front Man. They are ground commanders who act under the direct orders of the Front Man and who have the task of organizing the other guards, transmitting all the possible information to the players, and disciplining the soldiers who cross the line.

The Soldiers.

 Soldiers are the armed enforcers who take down eliminated players, preventing the contestants from violating the game rules. The soldiers do not play, they are only called to address the players. They also distribute food, act as judges, monitor certain games, and collect corpses.

The workers.

 Workers are the ones who picked up the red token in the game with the Vendor. Once the seller's trust is gained and the seller has delivered their winnings, players call the number and are recruited as workers instead of players.

 They are not required to speak or possess weapons. These workers are also prisoners and contenders. Their role in the Squid Games is to be the ones responsible for carrying out the horrors of the game. They are assigned tasks such as carcass removal, game preparation, maintenance, cleaning, and food distribution.

Squid Game Doll

 Young-hee, also known as The Doll, is a large motion-sensing animatronic doll that was used in the 33rd episode of Squid Game during the recording of "Red Light, Green Light" in which 255 players were eliminated due to panic. massive subsequent to the death of two players.

 His eyes scan the movement of the players quickly to see if any of the players move after hearing "red light". If any of them do then they will be eliminated in the same way as those players who did not reach the final goal in time.

 Based on the Korean textbook character of the same name, Young-hee resembles a girl with black hair, in short, low pigtails with faded purple beads and a barrette in her hair resembling the Squid Game symbol which is the same color as your beads. A yellow collared T-shirt, an orange apron, white knee-high socks, and black shoes. He has black eyes whose pupils turn red when he detects a player moving under red light. During the "Red light, green light" game, he repeatedly says "The Mugungha flower has bloomed" (of course in Korean), referring to the hibiscus syriacus, the national flower. from South Korea.










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