• July 17, 2024

Bitcoin The Desired And Mysterious Future

The Aim of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin holders have been riding the market waves throughout 2022, with the desire of being released from the government- and central-bank-controlled fiat currencies. Bitcoin transactions use peer-to-peer and do not depend on third-party mediators.

But the 14 years of history since Satoshi Nakamoto released bitcoin's first paper on October 31, 2008, left the bitcoin future uncertain and mysterious.

Mysterious And Uncertain Future.

Since 2009, the creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto still shrouded in mystery. However, the only thing clear for investors and users over years is that Bitcoin is the future of money, or at least what they think.

The decentralized system that promised people to stay away from government regulation, with time started to change into a centralized system controlled by government banks due to huge amounts of regulations worldwide.

With the help of regulations and the controlling capitalists (whales) who placed themselves against what people call the crypto nominal, and the giant brokers who have the trading platforms Bitcoin started to receive shock after shock causing huge losses over the last several months, down more than 70%  of all-time high 69,000 $.

Why Prices are Crashing?

According to our studies, Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies have brought a revolution in how people interact with the economy and markets.

More than 95% of users who believed and understood cryptos are still faithful lovers, which makes the giant (Bitcoin) number one trusted by its followers. Then why prices are crashing?

After brokers introduced the high leverage margin and future trades to market; giving people the option to multiply their trades by up to x 50 and x 100, and the huge advertising campaigns promising people huge imaginary profits, the liquidation of bets became the number one money aim in markets nowadays.

In another word, Whales and huge Brokers started their methods of market manipulation by buying and selling cryptos for their own accounts and betting against the clients.


Let's consider x amount of clients buying at 20,000 using x10 leverage with a volume of 1,000 bitcoin with the liquidating price of around 18,000.

With leverage set up to X10 the whole volume to be obtained is 10,000 bitcoins.

The whales, brokers, and trading platforms are the biggest crypto holders. So they shorten the crypto price taking it down under 18,000 liquidation price and obtaining the profit from the client's losses. Then they use the money obtained to push the price back up again winning huge amounts of money and assets.

How Do They Manipulate The Price?

According to our statistics, 45% of BTC volume is held by less than 1000 clients. Those Investors are the wealthiest and are known as whales.

From the given name (Whales) we know they are the biggest fish in the crypto ocean; Giving them the ability to operate from the depth of the ocean without being identified setting up what we call to buy and sell walls.

Their actions by selling and buying huge quantities that overwhelm the market saturation have huge potential for profit-making. Those trades can be executed with high precision; in the end, they have all that is needed to manipulate the market price.

They hold all numbers needed for the move. The size of trades, stop-loss price or liquidation price, time, and platform. All they need is to manipulate the market by moving the price to hit those numbers and trigger the bullet.







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