• July 17, 2024

Lululemon Like New

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Lululemon is a globally recognized brand, especially in the United States. This company is dedicated to the sale of yoga and exercise clothing.

Nowadays, people are looking for an active, pleasant, and comfortable lifestyle, even wearing the company’s products as fashionable clothes, not only for exercise purposes.

For them, comfort comes first.

This brand also offers clothing such as pants (short and long), blouses, and jackets for physical activities such as running and yoga. We can also find in its stores and website the sale of accessories such as tights, bags, gloves, socks and yoga mats, bottles of water… Actually this brand sells everything!

And What Is Lululemon Like New About?

Committed to sustainability and environmental improvements, Lululemon launches its second-hand clothing for resale on a new website Lululemon Like New. The objective of this brand translates into achieving that by the year 2030 100% of its products are manufactured using sustainable materials and circular production processes.

  The Lululemon Like New reselling program is built on three key pillars that have been called:

“Rethink”, “Revive” and “Rediscover”.

“Rethink” allows customers to resell any of Lululemon’s used sportswear and gear they no longer use, earning credits in return that will be cashed into an eGift Card for any future purchases through your Lululemon store online.

“Revive” updates garments that are slightly worn, to adapt them and extend their useful life so that they can be used again by another person. And finally, “Rediscover” which is the action that Lululemon customers themselves can practice, rediscover newly used and second-hand clothing through the Lululemon Like New online platform where new second-hand items are added daily.

The best thing about this new Lululemon initiative is that you can save money by buying second-hand items at unbelievable prices. It should be noted that Lululemon Like New does not place its items for sale on its website without first going through a quality inspection of each garment inch by inch.

You can choose between Good as New or Gently Used. In either of the two options, they describe the details of the garments.

  If you are one of those people who likes this initiative and great idea and you want to immerse yourself in testing Lululemon Like New products but you still don’t know where to start and want to know something more about the subject, here is a YouTube channel of the beautiful Simplistically Sarah, where she explains and tests some products purchased second-hand.

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