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ECCO Leather: Innovation Designed To Last for Years


 In 1963, the Danish Karl Toosbuy in his hometown (Bredebro) started producing women's fashion shoes called Venus, opening its first retail store in Denmark in 1982. Later, over time, it expanded to produce all kinds of skin-related products and accessories. Today, Ecco employs more than 20,000 people around the world. The introduction of the ECCO brand to the United States was initially through a distributor in 1990, but they later established their own organization, making the United States the largest footwear market for the ECCO brand.

And the leather ECCO?

 Well, it is considered a large network of scientists, designers, and people in charge of working with fine skins (called furriers) who continue to carry out their ancient tradition so as not to leave aside the sustainability that is sought today, focusing on improving the future of our planet.

 Approximately 400 billion liters of water are used worldwide for leather tanning. ECCO Leather has a new process that has revolutionized waterless tanning. This process is the meaning of zero wastewater or solid waste, considerably reducing the number of chemicals used in production and saving about 20 liters of water per skin (5 liters of water per bag and 25 million liters annually) translating into 9000 people hydrated for a year.

Leather Goods.

 As we already know, all kinds of items can be produced from leather, and the ECCO brand stands out among many others due to its different textures and colors, high quality, and durability over time. Some of its most requested brand products by all are the following:

ECCO Texture Block Pot Bag:

 This leather bag is small and light with a minimalist design. It is secured with a magnetic closure and has enough space for your phone, keys, and why not some makeup. With an adjustable strap, it offers the perfect fit, so you don't have to carry anything in your hands.

 ECCO Tote Bag:

 Adorned with decorative stitching and a quilted front, this classic tote bag has several roomy compartments to fit everyday essentials. This handbag can be used with its leather handles or a detachable and adjustable strap can be added, carrying it comfortably over the shoulder.

 ECCO Textureblock Small Backpack:

 Light and contemporary, and with a combination of smooth and granulated textures, this small backpack has straps that adjust to each person, obtaining comfortable mobility. In the same way, its two-way zippers ensure a greater opening for a large and spacious main compartment that gives enough space to store various items of a variable level.

 ECCO Crossbody Bags:

 Some are square and elongated, others are classical in style and others are curvilinear. All of them are made for urban exploration, where the main thing is to have your hands free. All have adjustable straps for comfortable use, being quite spacious and with several internal compartments (Textureblock Flat Pouch Bag, Ceramic Crossbody, and Textureblock Saddle Bag, respectively).

 ECCO Purses:

If you need to go shopping and just want to use your cards on the go, the ECCO Journey Card Case is ideal because it's a medium-sized pocket bag that offers effortless organization for important cards and small items, and best of all. is that it is secured with a zipper closure.


The ECCO Textureblock Pinch Bag Compact with a curved base has three accordion-style compartments.

 The ECCO Pillow Phone Case combines form and function with simple style, securing your phone with zipper closures and other compartments for small items.

 They all feature adjustable straps for comfortable hands-free wear wherever the day takes you.

Yak Leather:

 Yak leather is extremely strong and abrasion-resistant due to collagen fiber. It stands out for being highly breathable and features stretch and return.

ECCO Soft 7 Leather.

 The Ecco Soft 7 is a flexible leather that molds to the shape of the foot for greater ease for the user, allowing adequate ventilation of the foot while walking. The lining of the shoes is leather, with physically precise shapes, specifically built to provide total comfort on any trip. The insole also features the Comfort Fiber System, made of vegetable-tanned leather and versatile elements. This surprising incorporation of different materials provides additional insulation to the shoe.

Loafers? Yes!

 This brand offers us a wide range of leather loafers that you cannot miss. This type of shoe is versatile and ideal for daily use or as office wear. They are also ideal for frequent travelers as they are easy to put on and take off. All of them are comfortable and fashion-forward, offering elegance and all-day wearability with the comfort of a slip-on, easy-to-wear shoe. The sole is lightweight and provides cushioning and flexibility.

ECCO bootie:

 This ankle boot is very cute, it shows a nice side zipper to be very easy to put on and take them off, and best of all, it combines with all clothes! It has a fairly relaxed fit to the foot but with a lot of support and its toe box is quite roomy. The insole is removable but also has good cushioning.

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