• July 17, 2024

Chicken Halal Temptations Made with Passion in the USA

What is K and N´s Food?

 K&N Foods  USA was born at the beginning of 2013 in the town of Fulton, New York. Its primary idea was based on being recognized worldwide for the high quality of its products, beginning its great journey at the American and Canadian levels. They then gained global recognition, leading to this achievement being approved by the USDA as Halal-certified, making ready-to-cook and fully cooked chicken products from hand-cut chicken meat.

What kind of products does this brand offer?

 Its premium chicken products are considered by millions of people as favorites because they have a wide variety of skewers, skinless sausages, breaded products, and cold cuts.

 K and N´s foods products do not contain MSG, preservatives, or added nitrates or nitrites. They also do not contain a single gram of trans fat per serving. The separation of chicken meat is done 100% by hand.

Kebab Temptations:

 The wide collection of temptations with ethnic flavors from the eastern Mediterranean, Middle East, and South Asia regions, with centuries-old culinary traditions, make the kabab skewers full of flavor, meeting the expectations of the most demanding palates.

 Its products most recognized for their ease of use and cooking are seekh kabab, chapli kabab, Shami kabab, kofta, kafta kabab, and seekh kabab spicy, all of them made with ground chicken meat, flame grilled, shaped, or by skewers. Some of them use fresh onions and cracked coriander seeds, or fresh mint, depending on the type of the kabab or kafta/kofta.

Breaded Selection:

 Golden and crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, this is what the classic nuggets, tender popsicles, chicken burgers, fun nuggets, and tenderloins are like, always offered by the K and N brand, not forgetting the beloved breaded chicken combo wings.

Their collection of breaded products makes perfection in every bite.

 The delicious exceptionality of its products is given by the enhancement of flavor in its mix of exotic seasonings, also making use of fresh green chili as in the Haray Bharay Nuggets, and delicious cheddar cheese as in the chicken croquettes.


 The range of frankfurters and skinless cold cuts are top quality, as the selected seasonings mixed with the boneless chicken are. The sausages are pre-cooked in the oven and naturally smoked with wood from the Black Forest located in Germany. And best of all, their sausage products have been awarded 7 medals and a special trophy at the IFFA International Quality Contest in Frankfurt, Germany. Imagine how delicious they are! Yum yum!

 Among the sausages that the brand offers are Chicken Jumbo Franks, with onion and cheese, chicken Frankfurter, and Chicken Mortadella Slices, which contain black peppercorn and pistachios.

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