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Daughters Of India: Hands of Angels in Each Piece

Daughters of India: Hands of Angels in Each Piece

 Inspired to create handmade beauty in a unique, bohemian, vintage, and comfortable style, Daughters of India is created and founded on the north coast of Australia with the dream of empowering Indian women, to work and support their families.

 The range of its tones is quite warm, in various earth tones. Indian prints are made entirely by hand and printed with special hand-carved blocks, with production procedures and knowledge acquired from generation to generation, in a sustainable way, and with truly inspiring ethical work environments.

 All garments are made in small factories, in local villages just outside the historic Pink City, Jaipur, India. At daughters of India not only women work, but also artisan men from the same region, involving endless processes, all made by hand and with a lot of patience and love, helping to generate more and more jobs in the area.

 Normally, as born consumers, we tend to buy our clothing in stores where fashion is easy and fast, often looking for the cheap (although there are brands with truly overwhelming prices that are not at all accessible). Daughters of India ethically put painstaking effort into their garments, offering the highest quality possible and at truly affordable prices.

In the image, you can see Kyra's mini dress, which is the most sought-after of this brand, apart from the fact that its prints are amazing. The best-known models are Kyra and Prairie, Kyra being one of the most requested since it comes in 3 different types of lengths: maxi, midi, and mini.

 The best-known models are Kyra and Prairie, Kyra being one of the most requested since it comes in 3 different types of lengths: maxi, midi and mini. And for those who are more inclined towards uni-color dresses without any type of pattern, there is also the Sahana model. The good thing about this type of dress is its comfort and striking casual style with which you will not go unnoticed.


 Men and women work sustainably and on the go, there are no collections and no large-scale production. When a product is ready for release it is given to artisans in advance to ensure that they are not overworked and forced to complete large amounts of work in record time and under pressure. The facility used to make the garments is Sedex Fair Trade Certified. The entire team works in a harmonious and empowering environment, supporting their livelihoods and their families.


 Many of the reviews are positive, stating that they love the spirit of the Daughters of India company, their dresses are beautiful and flow with vibrant and joyful colors. Those who buy their products and are satisfied are proud to support a business that keeps traditional artisans at work and their crafts alive.

Some people complain that the shipping costs are quite high.

The vast majority who receive their order is amazed by the tote bag with which each garment is wrapped, being surprised by its beauty.

But since not everything in life is perfect, there are also people who are not satisfied with their purchase due to a problem with the sizes, and when making the return they also say that it is very expensive. It is advisable to make sure of the size before proceeding to make the purchase. Let's remember that they are not machines and that we all have the possibility of making mistakes, so we must be patient in everything that involves the process of buying and returning the garments. If you are one of those who have already tried the brand and have been satisfied, then congratulations and enjoy your product, because that is the idea, to help those who need it most.

For handmade, timeless, ethical pieces visit Daughters Of India's official website

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