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Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee


 Starbucks is an exclusive brand known worldwide and, of course, the first giant in terms of the various types of coffee that we can find in its establishments worldwide.

 Some types of coffee can be purchased online or in supermarket stores, such as capsules, sachets, and ground whole bean coffee so you can fix it in the comfort of your home.

 It is known worldwide that Starbucks produces large quantities of very reliable coffee, and with this also many options to choose from. Something very remarkable is that if you can’t find the ground coffee of your choice, you just have to take it to any Starbucks coffee shop and they will grind your beans for you free of charge.

Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee

  It is very difficult to say that only one type of whole-grain coffee is the best because there is something for all tastes, and this is how Starbucks delights us with its range of flavors and intensities.

Dark Roast :

 Coffee can have very different flavors depending on the type of roasting, the origin, processing, and final elaboration of the coffee. Now, how to know which is the specific coffee you are looking for? An option would be to try them all (they are all delicious).

French Roast Whole Bean Coffee

 If you are one of those people who like traditional coffee, this is a good option. Its beans have been roasted almost to the point of burning. The result is a very dark coffee with satisfying notes of caramel in addition to a smoky flavor.

 The best way to prepare it is with a French press by submerging 2 tablespoons of ground coffee (coarse grind) in 300ml of boiled water at 95°C (You can boil the water and let it rest for 1 minute). Mix with a spoon and let infuse for about 3 – 5 minutes. After this time, the plunger is pressed gently to the bottom, trying not to stir the coffee particles. Do you want to prepare coffee and you don’t have a French press? You only need a small fine mesh strainer to separate the ground coffee particles and enjoy its flavor.

Italian Roast Whole Bean

 Darker coffee? Yes, there is! In this roast, the sweetness and intensity of the coffee bean made by real and precise experts in the field are highlighted, the only difference is that it does not have that smoky touch like the French roast.

Espresso Roast Whole Bean

 This is a type of grain that is used for almost any coffee preparation. It is a blend of grains from Latin America and Asia/Pacific. It’s Starbucks darkest roast. Its texture and consistency are quite strong because it has a large amount of crucial oil present in each grain that makes it denser and creamier in an espresso.

Morning Joe Whole Bean

 A coffee designed for winter, dark and complex roast to create a persistent and full-bodied cup of coffee. Sweet from the first sip. As it cools, it changes flavors bringing out other delicious new flavors.

Caffe Verona Whole Bean

 Created in 1975 and named Verona after the city that inspires many to love. It is an 80/20 coffee due to its post-roast blend recipe (light roast and dark roast respectively). The result is a slightly lighter but delicious and unique coffee. It also has some notes of dark cocoa. Loved by all from the beginning, this is the perfect typical coffee for our mornings.

Sumatra Whole Bean

 Originating from the island of Indonesia, earthy and herbal, it has bold flavors that make this spiced coffee unique. It is a coffee with the body but very smooth in the mouth, with light notes of dried herbs and almost zero acidity. Sumatra coffee is the basis for many of Starbucks’ most prized blends, and it seems to be here to stay for a long time.

Medium Roast :

House Blend Whole Bean

 House Blend is the first blend created in 1971, it has a medium roast and has notes of cocoa and toffee. It is a coffee with body, flavor, and aromas in a single balance. It simply deceives the palate because it balances cocoa and caramel flavors with low roast sweetness. Also available decaf.

Pike Place Roast Whole Bean

 Created in 2008 at Seattle’s Pike Place Market and hence its name, this coffee is highly aromatic and has a smooth and very complete blend of Latin American coffees with subtle notes of cocoa and roasted nuts that make it perfect, satisfying, and delicious for any time of the day. Also available decaf.

Breakfast Blend Whole Bean

 As its name suggests, the Breakfast Blend is perfect to accompany breakfast or dinner. It’s a blend for those common coffee drinkers who don’t care as much about flavor, appealing to a wide range of palates. It contains notes of sweet orange and brown sugar and is a bit lighter than most but more toasty.

Blonde Roast :

Veranda Blend Whole Bean

 From Latin America, it is the lightest roasted coffee with notes of roasted malt and baking chocolate. It is a soft and tasty coffee, with a pleasant acidity, for those palate options that tend to be less strict in terms of roasting. It is the coffee with the highest amount of caffeine, so it is a good option to get energy when getting out of bed.

 It should be noted that all the coffee bean options also come in various presentations such as K-cups pods, ground, and instant sachets. Then you would have more reasons to try the different presentations in the comfort of your home.

Starbuck's First Coffee Store in Seattle (Historic Pike Place Market)

For more Info about Starbucks visit their official website

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