• April 20, 2024

Online Gambling Reality Or Illusion

Online gambling is all kinds of gambling that takes place on the internet. Now a day online gambling is valued at around $70 Billion according to other sources' estimations. In its majority consist of poker, casinos, sports betting, and much more.

Due to its high-risk nature, many countries around the world banned or set very strict licenses on all types of online gambling games. For example United States. United Kingdom, Canada, Many European Countries, and several other countries.

Gambling sites are the number 1 facilities for online gambling activities. these are websites that can be accessed easily with minimum requirements that can be listed as follows.

  1. Valid Id or legal document showing you are over legal age depending on the country of residency.
  2. A computer, tablet mobile, or any device that has access to the internet.
  3. Open an account and validate it.
  4. Deposit funds to your wallet
  5. Start betting.



Online Gambling Reality?

Gambling online attracts millions of people searching for quick and sweet profit, but most of the time the odds go against you. With this high-risk hobby, the million dollars question is (How To Gamble Safe, Responsibly And When You Need To Stop).

In reality, there is nothing called as safe in online gambling, in the end, it’s Paid entertainment.

As long you are gambling for fun and entertainment and living it as an exciting experience with one final end (ENJOYING YOUR TIME), then you are on the correct way although an extra win would be great.

Here are some points that explain the word Responsibly.

  • Set a gambling budget that you can offer can protect you in the heat of the moment
  • Make sure you set a time limit for gambling, time runs differently while gambling.
  • Stay away from Chasing Losses it's like chasing death with your own will and the only way it will lead you is to more losses.
  • Remember betting is entertainment so never bet when you are emotionally happy, sad, stressed, or upset.
  • Leave your bank cheques and cards away from you. They are the fastest way to ruin your life.
  • Rules and Odds are your friends try to learn them well before gambling.
  • Don't play under the influence of alcohol or drugs and never gamble with what you don't have

 The secret of casinos and online platforms' success is they use the truth that the human brain can't deal with randomness. So they use users' obsession in finding patterns to make sense of the unsense.

What gambling firms are hiding from you?

The betting industry has always been different from other industries on the level of promotion, advertising, and the way they reach their clients.

They use several tricks on the dark side to tempt players on spending more and more money. And those used methods before being applied, have been smartly studied, evaluated, and tested over time to fit their needs. Here are brief examples of the methods they use.

Estatistics over time created a solid pattern for betting firms to use against their clients. They make you think you’re in control by creating this illusion that what you use as variables, consequences, studies and high expectations can effect the outcome. In reality it doesn’t, what is random never change with your conscious desicions or studies.

Lets take a small Example: Playing the roulette while the casino showing you the previous outcomes. Our brains are designed to create a pattern to avoide going crazy. Therefore the casino create u the inviroment to make your think that previous spins have an effect on future spins. The moment a player see 5 consecutive black color draws his/her brain autmatically create the illusion that red color draw will come up next. This simply go against main rule in the statistical independence of draws, that it doesn’t make it more likely red will come next.

Again online gambling firms provide illustration of the illusion of control using the truth that most players fall in the mistake by thinking that playing their own numbers or draws give them greater confidence in success. Knowing the truth that the outcome is 100% random the chances are always the same.

Simple Example: Whether you are throwing the dice or picking the cards or sellecting your lucky numbers in roulette or lottery, the chances of success will always be the same althout players always bet higher on their numbers or while they are doing the draw.

Success doesn’t need to follow your choice based on the illusion that you are powered by knowledge and information related to these choices.

All information provided by the beting firms are little and dangerous. The aim is to make you grow the illusion of thinking you own the logic, knowledge, experiance and the guts to beat the system. You think you are the best and different, but you are not.

Simple Example: Advertizing that this guy or that person have beaten the system and became millioners grow the illusion again of self confidence of a player that he also can do it. Well believe us or not fairy tales are too common nowadays.

Near misses is the Master key of creating the illusion that you almost got things the right way and encourage you to reinforce your behaviour. What you see as valid approach is nothing but an illusion to keep you away from the fact that you have no control when outcomes are random.

The growing feeling that you are getting free money makes you motivated to bet. Estatistics shows that people risk higher with profit than their own money. At the end you are back to betting habbit and the money is back to the firm and all related to the illusion that you got another free chance..

All advertizements that promote free money and bonus are always tied to a long list of conditions and attached strings.

Example: A $50 bonus in casino must be rolled several times before being paid. On sports betting you must bet 3 times the amount from your own money before releasing your bonus.

The Final Conclusion

Stay away from betting and gambling is the only secure and safe way not to lose money..

If you are still willing to bet or gamble please do it for joy and fun and never for an income of living, and never forget entertainment is to entertain you not to ruin your life.







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