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Potato Seasoning

One of the most widely known vegetables in the world for its versatility when cooking, combining very well its delicious flavor in different dishes, is potatoes.

 There are up to 5,000 varieties of which we only know very few. There are different types of potatoes according to the needs you have when preparing them, we can find them as potatoes to boil, to bake and there are also potatoes for all purposes.

 Red-skinned potatoes are very firm and good to be served in salads or slices, but they are not good for purees because they become rubbery. White and round potatoes (mostly golden Yukon) are the ones that are usually used for any purpose.


 It is impossible to talk about a specific seasoning for potatoes. There are infinite diversities of seasonings on the market for those people who are looking for speed in their preparations, although to be honest, it does not take too much time to prepare seasoning in specific and according to our tastes.

 A seasoning is characterized by having unique flavors and aromas, which can not be achieved in any other way than by mixing some products until you get a seasoning with genuine characteristics. There are different types of seasonings depending on the objective we want to achieve with the dish we are preparing (baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, or simply some salad that contains potatoes).

 The seasonings can be homemade or already prepared, being made in both cases with 100% natural ingredients. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that these condiments represent, on many occasions, the gastronomic culture of many cultures. There is more than one seasoning per culture and they are authentic jewels of the gastronomy of each territory. For example, a characteristic seasoning of China would be the Five Chinese Spices. in India we could talk about Garam Masala; in Morocco of Ras el Hanout; in Ethiopia the berbere, in the United States the mixture of Cajun spices… Each culture and each country has its own seasonings that give meaning to its cuisine.

 A seasoning should contain mainly aromatic herbs and spices. You should avoid any seasoning that has preservatives, colors, or artificial flavorings and stay with those whose only composition is healthy products.

Baked Potatoes Seasoning

 Normally most people who make preparations in the oven use aromatic herbs (oregano, basil, parsley, coriander, thyme) along with spices such as pepper, sweet paprika, garlic, salt, and olive oil, this being the best combination of explosive flavor for the palate.

 A good trick for the potatoes to come out crispy from the oven is to boil them half-cooked before seasoning them and placing them in the oven.

 Another small trick that many uses in baked rustic preparations are to crush them a little after that half-cooking and then brush them with the prepared seasoning. If you are the type of person who like Parmesan cheese you can also add it to your preparation so you will have some crispier baked potatoes.

Mashed Potatoes Seasoning

 for good and creamy mashed potatoes only a little butter, milk or cream, salt, pepper, and a small pinch of nutmeg is essential. Some people use little chives or shallots to give another touch of flavor, others use some type of cheese that gives elasticity to the puree, or also some bacon will make it delicious!

Cooked Salads Seasonings

 For those who prefer cooked salads with potatoes, only a little mayonnaise, sour cream, mustard, salt, and pepper is necessary. In this type of salad, it is also very common to see that it is combined with boiled egg, pickles cut very finely, some capers, a touch of vinegar, and parsley or chives. In the same way, you can do without mayonnaise, for those people who do not like its taste and use only olive oil, salt, and pepper with a touch of vinegar, also get a very good and quick salad.

  It is not necessary to be a chef or be a master of the culinary art to prepare different dishes that contain potatoes, it is only necessary the desire to cook and to put heart into all your recipes.


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